With Just Know How I offer basic but valuable online courses for professionals to become stronger in their career and get their mindset where it needs to be. With my courses and 1-1 coaching & consulting, you will grow professionally! What does this mean? You will get prepared and motivated correctly, and that will make sure you will accomplish your goals better, faster and easier!

Having a good business, being a good professional is all in your hands! It is your hard work, even when your product is good but you are not ready to launch it, it will never work! Figure out what it is that you want and get rid of the wrong mindset and create that mindset you need. 

Find out who you are and what you want to become. 

Together with Just Know How you will create a solid and healthy ground for your business and yourself, what you need to become more successful! Choose to do this with my courses or 1-1 sessions! 

1-1 Coaching, get the best out of yourself and your company!

If you are not looking for a course but you would like to subscribe to my 1-1 coaching on Skype meetings
  • Step by step framework courses
  • Follow the steps and videos in the correct order
  • Videos have multiple steps included, finish the video step for step
  • Steps explained short but detailed, you need to put it in practice

In all the courses is included:

  • Online customer support in 3 languages (ENG,NL & ESP)
  • Unlimited email credits
  • Membership of 12 months
  • Guidebook
  • Read&Learn area
  • Work sheets
  • Get it done Masterclass: 3 hours in video
  • Startup Blueprint: 3 hours in video
  • Social Media Management Master Plan: 2,5 hours in videos
  • Option to buy one hour 1-1 coaching for 49$

Pick your course!

Get it done Masterclass

How to create the correct time-management

Startup blueprint

Get to know what you need to do when starting a business

Social Media Management Master Plan

Become a strong brand on social media with understanding the basics

Coming soon: How to create online courses Masterclass!

Spread your knowledge worldwide with online courses!