With Just Know How I offer basic online courses for professionals to become stronger in their career and get their mindset where it needs to be. With my courses and 1-1 coaching & consulting, you will grow professionally! What does this mean? You will get prepared and motivated correctly, and that will make sure you will accomplish your goals better, faster and easier!

Having a good business, being a good professional is all in your hands! It is your hard work, even when your product is good but you are not ready to launch it, it will never work! Figure out what it is that you want and get rid of the wrong mindset and create that mindset you need. 

Find out who you are and what you want to become. 

Together with Just Know How you will create a solid and healthy ground for your business and yourself, what you need to become more successful! Choose to do this with my courses or 1-1 sessions! 

My BEST SELLER course is the Working more Efficiently course which will teach you exactly how to stop wasting your time while working and how to set yourself up for success. You will create a serious environment and become aware of your priorities and goals. 

1-1 Coaching, get the best out of yourself and your company!

If you are not looking for a course but you would like to subscribe to my 1-1 coaching on Skype meetings

To get even more professional you can have a look at mine Startup or Social Media Management course. When you are stuck and do not know how to start a business, well I will help you with that in my Startup course, you will figure out your niche, vision and the goals you need to set up and much more.

The Social Media Management course will teach you all the important Know How´s, so you can be stronger on social media by understanding it a 100%. And be prepared on how you want to be on those platforms and know how your niche is responding! 


What does each course looks like?

With this course, you will become more productive, efficient and more motivated to work. You know exactly what you are up against and you will get more goals achieved guaranteed! You double your success to be more professional and better in what you do for 100% with this course! Just all by working efficient and spending your time well and not wasting it!  

Unfortunately, a lot of professionals are stressed at their work or in their business and wasting a lot of time what can cost millions of dollars. With this course, you will reduce that stress and find back the power of working on your terms and without the stress. What does this mean? Well, you will have MORE time on your hands when working efficient, what says you have time do work on MORE projects and achieve your goals even better than planned. 

With this course, I teach you on how to get back on track and to have a better rhythm during your work hours and getting a routine, priorities settled, deadlines done et cetera. We need to work better and not harder to achieve what we would like to accomplish. Have more time on your hands when working efficiently. I also teach you what to think about besides be efficient during your job and to set yourself up for success!

Figure out your priorities, create a routine and daily planning and much more, to become more successful!

Numbers show that in 2017, 58% of the USA population suffered from stress and this could become a burn-out! Not only yoga, meditation or healthy food reduces your stress, also your way of working! This is why it is essential to learn how to work more efficiently and get done what you need to get done that day at a reasonable time!

In this course a one hour 1-1 session is included, to help you put all the steps in practice and to get your mindset even better to a successful and efficient mindset!

We will discuss:

Clean your workspace | Create a routine | Braindump | Daily Planning | Establish your priorities | Clear away your low priorities | Switch between high and low priorities tasks! | Multitasking | Emailing | | Meetings | Automating | Wait for information | Procrastinating | Breaks | Change your lifestyle| Set yourself up for success! | Be happy!

Business Basics - Working Efficiently Course

Get yourself more focussed with this course! Achieve your goals better and easier!
180 minutes of videos (3 hours, 5 videos!)
One hour 1-1 session on Skype
Guidebook of the videos
Read & Learn area with new tips weekly
Unlimited email credits
Online customer support in 3 languages (ENG, NL & ESP)
One time payment
Membership of 12 months

You want to start a business, but you don´t know where to start? With this course, you will get to figure out what you want to build and how you can go step for step in creating that business. If you have no idea on how to create a business, this course will get you on the right path! During this course, you will get focused and prepared about anything on starting up your own business and what you to think about. The course will help you get that business!

People who have taken this course, use it as their guidebook for writing a strong and healthy and short business plan and to figure out what it is that they want to do!

Find your niche, create your vision and goals and start with your marketing plan and many more important steps will be discussed during this course!

A lot of startups fail, double your chances of success with this course! Get that business ready, start today!

What we will discuss in the videos:

Your idea |  Elevator Pitch | Vision & Goals | Niche | Pricing | Deadly Mistakes to avoid | Paperwork | Terms & Conditions | Financial Plan | Expertise | Webinars | Networking | Business name | Website | Risk Management Plan | Marketing plan | Prepare yourself 

Check out below what is all included and the price! Don´t miss out!

You have started your business and created social media platforms, but you do not know what to do? Don´t start spending money randomly on those platforms. Make sure that you know what to create and where to be. Make sure you know what your niche is looking for on Social Media. With this course, I will teach you the steps you need to take before starting your social media campaigns. Create a social media plan and learn how to brand your business in Social Media.

During this course, you will figure out why to use which platform, how to create posts, what tools you can use, how to create a brand strategy and find your niche on social media and much more steps will be discussed!

Every day Social Media is becoming more and more important, know how to use it and know how to brand your business, before you spend money on it! It is all about understanding the: What, How and When!

What will we discuss in the videos: 

What is Social Media? | Setting goals | Framework | Algorithm | Where is your Audience | Platforms | Creating a brand strategy | Why use Social Media tools | Planning | Design content | Distribute content | Measuring results | Managing crisis | Building internal social culture | Trends & possibilities | 


Check out below what is all included and the price! Don´t miss out! 

Business Basics | StartUp Course

163 minutes video (almost 3 hours, 5 videos!)
Guidebook of the videos
Read & Learn area with new tips weekly
Unlimited email credits
Online customer support in 3 languages (ENG, NL & ESP)
One time payment!
Membership of 12 months

Social Media Management Course

150 minutes of videos (2,5 hours, 5 videos!)
Guidebook of the videos
Read & Learn area with new tips weekly
Unlimited email credits
Online customer support in 3 languages (ENG, NL & ESP)
One time payment!
Membership of 12 months

Get 300% successful with getting the whole deal!

All the courses are included + one 1-1 session of one hour. 

3 in 1 Course

$780/one time payment
Over 8 hours of videos
1-1 Skype session of 1 hour
5 videos Social Media Management training
5 videos Working more efficient course
5 videos Startup courses
3 guidebooks of the course
Read & Learn area with new tips weekly
Unlimited email credits
Online customer support in 3 languages (ENG, NL & ESP)
Membership for a life-time!

My goal

My goal is to prepare professionals to be better more successful and achieve every goal they have in mind. Together with other professionals, courses I have followed, a lot of reading and a lot of motivation I created valuable courses with a good and strong outcome. My goal is that everyone who follows the steps of my courses befomes more successful. My courses took time in creating to offer the best value for you. My courses have been proven to work by a lot of professionals all over the world who already have taken them. Success guaranteed!

We all want to make money and have a five, six-figure business or even bigger. But before we can do this we need to know for sure we are ready for it and have all the basics figured out and even when you are already going well with your business, you should become even better by working efficiently! So many people are not working effectively & efficient, and this costs you more time and money than you think!

What to expect from these courses?

The courses of JKH prepare you to grow and become a better professional. This means that they will explain to you what to do and how to do it, but you will be the one who needs to adapt it all to your brand/business, sounds logic right? 

The videos in the courses give you an idea on what to do and why this is important, with examples on how to do it, you get prepared to adjust it all to your proper business. You can ask questions about the topics discussed in the videos and how to apply that more to your business. The guidebook in your membership area includes all the topics discussed in the videos written out. The Read & Learn area will provide you on a weekly basis with new tips and advice. The course is a mix of consulting and coaching, each step in a video is an assignment, and each video includes between one and five steps.

How long does each course take?

Each course has five videos, and each video is around 30-50 minutes, this means all courses are between 2,5 hours and 3 hours in videos. Take time for each step that will be explained in the videos. We strongly advise watching one video, after read the guidebook about the bullet points we talked about in the video and when you have done all that you start putting it in all practice. Go ahead with one or max two steps per week, don’t rush yourself. It needs time in learning and getting things done.

You can also use the unlimited email contact to ask anything to our customer support. Everyone needs a coach! No one can do things alone! When having a coach you will be able to create beter results and you double your chances on success even better, you can even triple your chances!! To make sure you have success follow our courses and book a coach session! Have a look at our coaching & consulting sessions here: click here.


Each course gives you a 12 months membership. During this membership, you can take your time in following the videos, read the guidebook and read all the extra information that you will find in the Read&Learn area inside your membership profile. When you choose to get our whole package with all the courses, you will get a lifetime membership and 1 hour personal consulting on Skype, to be used in the first year.

Our Terms and Conditions & our Privacy policy you can read here, and you will need to agree with them before payment.