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Just Know How Online Consulting is a young company that provides high-quality online-courses and 1-1 sessions, coaching & consulting to young professionals all over the world. For Just Know How it is essential to help professionals get more out of their personal and business life! 


Meet Stephanie!

Founder Stephanie Steggehuis was born in The Netherlands and studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She also has a masters degree in Life & Business Coaching.

She has followed multiple online courses to gain more knowledge by the best entrepreneurs in their fields such as Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, and Amy Porterfield.

Stephanie Steggehuis has worked in various markets and always tried to figure out what it is she wanted.

Stephanie never really fitted in and never wanted just a regular job, but she only knew she was good at helping people become more successful and achieve their goals, but did not know what she wanted to do with that and how. She started helping people with this while she was studying at the University of Amsterdam but never took it further.

To figure out what she wanted to do and what her calling is, she worked abroad a couple of years and finally moved to Spain to start all over. She started on getting her mindset how it needed to be by following courses, reading self-help books, hiring a coach and discover herself by traveling around the world.

When she had her mindset and vision clear, she decided to put her studies & knowledge together and started an online coaching & consulting business. She coaches and consultant young professionals who would like to become (more) successful in their life and/or business with the 1-1 sessions. But Just Know How Online Consulting also offers online courses with a step for step framework on topics that are nowadays highly needed and asked for.

Besides this, she helps people set up their online business with her upcoming course on how to create online courses for your business and with the E-commerce agency what is also part of Just Know How Online Consulting, she and her team provide help to companies to get a strong & healthy online store.

Just Know How ONLINE Consulting, is all about being online and helping young professionals become better online with their business and seek for opportunities to do this.

 Her personality type is Executive, one strength in the career path of this type is: ¨Executives are incredibly efficient, their love of structure and thoroughness leaving a record of accurate, complete work that is on time and on budget. They are natural auditors, financial officers and business administrators, and any such and similar roles are excellent choices for them¨. (Source: 16 personalties) 

Just Know How is a young and successful company who puts their clients on number 1 and helps you become successful and the person you want to be!