Get ready to grow

Just Know How Online Consulting is a young company that provides high-quality online-courses and 1-1 coaching & consutling to people all over the world in English. The courses and my sessions are designed together with other professionals, great literature and valuable coaches in their fields. All with the education in Life & Business coaching. Thanks to all of that I was able to create valuable courses and sessions and they have been proven their value to various professionals. For me it is essential to help professionals with Just Know How Online Consulting on being better in their career and to be able to grow and get to know the mindset. 

Get your goals set, set yourself up for success and prepare your mindset to become who you want to become. 

First things first, why did I choose the name Just Know How Online Consulting you are asking? Well first, because my last name is so difficult (it is Steggehuis), I thought about going online with my name is going to be a disaster, let´s figure out a great name! Just Know How is precisely what my clients always say to me: Yeah, you just need to know how to do it. Well, that is where I got the idea from to startup my brand under the name: Just Know How (online) Consulting! 

¡Hi there!

I am founder Stephanie Steggehuis. Born in The Netherlands. I studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, and I have a masters degree in Life Coaching

I have been a life & business-coach for several years now. I have worked in various branches and always tried to figure out what it is I wanted. 

I never fitted in and never knew what I wanted, but I knew I was good at helping people become more successful, already from I was young! But because I did not have my mindset straight, I starting changing my mindset and way of living. Becoming more sure about myself and starting figuring out who I am and what it was I wanted. I starting reading more self-help books, go in therapy, cutting people out of my life and surrounding myself in a positive and healthy environment. 

When I got my mindset right and knew exactly what I wanted and who I am, I decided to put my studies & knowledge together and to start coaching & consulting other people with the experience and trainings I have.

My courses and 1-1 session have proven value and helped over thousands of other professionals successfully.

My personality type is Executive, one strength in the career path of this type is: ¨Executives are incredibly efficient, their love of structure and thoroughness leaving a record of accurate, complete work that is on time and on budget. They are natural auditors, financial officers and business administrators, and any such and similar roles are excellent choices for them¨. (Source: 16 personalties) 

I came up with the idea of starting this online business because all the people I helped were telling me I needed to start doing something more with this gift! So this is when Just Know How Online Consulting was born wit online courses and 1-1 sessions, to help more people and help them get their mindset straight! 

I spent a lot of time reading books, following courses and I attended a lot of seminars to gain more knowledge, and I keep continuing to do so. The first four months of creating Just Know How I had a lot of things that went wrong, and nothing worked with me! But I kept on going and believing in myself and the idea of Just Know How, this is what you need to do and will do when your mindset is all on being successful

Now Just Know How Online Consulting is growing every day and creating a new mindset online course to add mid 2019, and we are also working on a great masterclass that we are going to give away for free, somewhere at the end of 2019.

Just Know How is a young and successful company who puts their clients on number 1 and helps you become successful and the person you want to be!