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Everyone needs a coach, no one is able to do it all alone! Double your success with a coach who will get everything out of you and making you grow in your career!

Hi! I am Stephanie the Life & Business Coach. I am so honored that you are here! 

 I will get you exactly where you need and want to be! With me you will find out who you are and what you want to become and make sure you get that productive & successful mindset. 

Having a good business, being a good professional is all in your hands! It is your hard work, even when your product is good but you are not ready to launch it, it will never work! Figure out what it is that you want and get rid of the wrong mindset and create that mindset you need and create this together with me!

Stop wasting time and get started! 

With Just Know How I offer basic online courses and 1-1 sessions for young professionals to become stronger in their career and get their mindset how it needs to be. Just Know How is all about Business Basics & Social Media Management. Click here for my Courses or Click here for the 1-1 sessions.

All courses & 1-1 sessions guarantee success and double your chances of becoming more professional and way more successful!

Just Know How Consulting helps you:

  • Working more Efficient
  • Prepare your business plan
  • Create a healty business and success mindset
  • Figure out what you want and how
  • Stop wasting time and get more things done in a reasonable time
  • Set yourself up for succes!
  • Social Media Management plan


Business Basics
Working Efficiently

My BEST SELLER course.
With this course, you will become more productive, efficient and more motivated to work. You know exactly what your up against and you will get more goals achieved guaranteed! You double your success to be more professional and better in what you do for 100% with this course! Just all by working efficient and spending your time well and not wasting it!  

Business Basics

You want to start a business, but you don´t know where to start? With this course, you will get to figure out what you want to build and how you can go step for step in creating that business. If you have no idea on how to create a business, this course will get you on the right path! During this course, you will get focused and prepared about anything on starting up your own business and what you to think about. The course will help you get that business!

Social Media Management

You have started your business and created social media platforms, but you do not know what to do? Don´t start spending money randomly on those platforms. Make sure that you know what to create and where to be. Make sure you know what your niche is looking for on Social Media. With this course, I will teach you the steps you need to take before starting your social media campaigns. Create a social media plan and learn how to brand your business in Social Media.

Completed trainings
Less work-stress
Succes guaranteed
Personal touch!

Do I work efficiently?

Does the feeling: you work hard but you do not get enough work done, sounds familiar? What is good to remember is that working hard and even too hard, has nothing to do with how many hours you spend working.

Why a niche?

¨I am going to start a business and will create a product that is for everyone! Like this, I can reach the whole world!  
NO! That is not how it works! You can only sell your product to people who really need it!

I have a 12 month membership for coaching and I am 3 months in and I already see a lot of changes and I am more on track.

Startup student

The online training really helped me notice that I was not working efficient at all. I had no idea that making a daily plan could have that huge impact on your workday to be better.

J. McKenzie
Life Coach

Stephanie managed our Social Media for 6 months and its growth was amazing

Latin Village Amsterdam

The startup training helped to choose my niche, and how to investigate what my market wanted, the marketing plan advice also was a nice extra. I learned a lot! 

Mark Williams
CEO in a startup remote company

I loved the personal Skype-call during my membership. It gives you that personal help on all the tips of the videos.

Lilly Brookfield
Financial Consultant

Fantastic how much more time I have now, the course working efficiently was worth it for sure. I have more time on my hands and get more things done.

Alan Keen
Real estate investor

I followed the startup and working more efficiently course. I am happy with the results and also that I could communicate in Spanish with customer support.

Covadonga Garcia Fernandez
Owner online shop